Number Nerd new logo and branding

Behind the Scenes

Number Nerd Bookkeeping Just Got Better!


Heather Pranitis

Number Nerd Bookkeeping clients know we have a knack for relieving their bookkeeping burdens. We get down and nerdy with their numbers whether they’re business owners, CEOs, CPAs or bookkeeper solopreneurs. They call us for help with accounting software setup and cleanup, strategy intensives and done-for-you bookkeeping services.

But over the past few months, we’ve been working on some changes – really good changes that we’re sharing TODAY! Because every once in a while, it’s good to shake things up. Keep things fresh. And since today’s the day, we can finally shout…

Welcome to the BRAND new Number Nerd Bookkeeping!

Number Nerd new logo and branding

Yep, Number Nerd Bookkeeping has rebranded. After 10 years in business, it was time for a glow-up – a chance to better represent the level of service we provide and ensure our brand looks and feels consistent with our values.

Don’t worry – the Number Nerd Bookkeeping Academy, 1:1 strategy calls, Jumpstart Sessions and more are all staying the same. Here’s what’s different.

New Logo

The Number Nerd eyeglasses are an icon that have become part of our signature look. They emphasize the nerdy eyes we always have on your numbers, so we never miss a decimal.

New Color Palette

Bold yet warm colors represent the way we work with each of our clients. We’re here to support you every step of the way with straightforward, never sugar-coated business and bookkeeping advice.

New Fonts

Thanks to new fonts, our words are styled with sophistication. It creates a look that’s easy on the eyes so that every word we write is delivered with clarity.

New Photography

Our new photography puts our personalities on display. The real, authentic Number Nerds. The faces that make Number Nerd go ‘round and are here to support our clients every step of the way.

A Brand That Better Reflects Number Nerd Bookkeeping Business Values

Whether you encounter Number Nerd Bookkeeping in person or online, we want our values to come through every time you interact with our brand. Our new look and feel were created to exude:


Because we’re instilling it in you by helping you decode the story behind your numbers.


Because it’s our best policy. We give you the real deal. Straightforward, no B.S. Always.


We never skirt the rules on integrity. Handling money is no game. No matter what.


We have a hunger for figuring out what’s working, what isn’t and why. It’s how we spot problems and get to solutions.


When you buy in, we go all in. Shoulder-to-shoulder, we’re in the thick of bookkeeping and business advising right along with you.

The Same Quality Service for Business Owners and Bookkeepers

Things may look a little different around Number Nerd, but our services and the high level of service that comes with them remain the same.

For business owners and CEOs, you can count on a complete suite of services to help you untangle your numbers, including:

Done-For-You Bookkeeping Services

Keep your books pristine while getting strategic business advice to make pivotal changes for the health of your business. You’ll receive full service accounting software setup and cleanup and regular Number Nerd bookkeeping reviews to make sure your numbers don’t miss a beat.

Nerd Out Sessions

Get a gut check on your financials with 60 minutes of 1:1 time with Heather, our Chief Number Nerd. Nerd Out Sessions are 1:1 strategy calls that take you beyond basic bookkeeping to develop a personalized strategy for your business.

Number Nerd Bookkeeping Academy

Learn the foundations for understanding the financial health of your business. In this signature course, we’ll teach you how to set up your bookkeeping system and start implementing workflows to help you handle your books with confidence.

Serious Support for CPAs and Bookkeepers

For CPAs and Bookkeeper Solopreneurs, we offer tools to support you. Our years of running a bookkeeping business have given us tons of insight and tricks of the trade. We’re passing it on through:

Jumpstart Sessions

Get the guidance you need to scale your bookkeeping business. Whether you’re tackling workflows or need general guidance on pricing, Jumpstart Sessions give you expert advice on specific challenges you’re facing.

Number Nerd Template Lab

With the Number Nerd Template Lab, your access is granted to a complete course on how to build a bookkeeping business or add bookkeeping to your practice. PLUS, get all the templates you need start implementing, and watch your business take flight.

If you aren’t following us on Instagram, head there now to see the brand reveal there. And stay tuned as we continue to update all our materials to reflect this new chapter for Number Nerd!


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