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You know you want someone to help you see your business with fresh eyes.

Preferably a long-term partner.

(The kind of conversations that help you save & make more money.)

And you need to be able to have honest, no-BS conversations 
about the hard stuff in business. 

Nope … your CPA shouldn’t be the one doing these things. 
See: checks and balances

After all, you’re growing.

Because this thing you started?

You’re serving people, doing what you love.

It’s time to level up your confidence in your numbers 
& take back time you’re spending on tedious bookkeeping tasks.

It’s gonna be around for the long haul.

In short, you need someone to get nerdy with you.

That's us.

We love numbers, but we won’t treat you like one.

So we start by fitting you with the right package for your business.

Our Done-for-You Bookkeeping Services include:

A bookkeeping review of your current books, processes, and systems, culminating in a detailed report that outlines our next steps

An annual financial presentation (complete with slides for our fellow nerds) to help you understand your progress year-over-year

QuickBooks, LedgerSync, & Dext, to keep you in the systems that are most efficient for bookkeeping

Regular recordkeeping, coding bank feeds weekly for you

Tracking every receipt to properly record your expenses, and reconciling 3 business bank accounts (if you have more, it’s an additional monthly charge)

Unlimited email communication with our team for any questions that arise between your monthly reports

Monthly debriefs including an easy-to-scan report and 5-minute explainer video

Payroll using Gusto—if you’re an S-Corp or have employees, we’ll get you set up in Gusto, get you a subscription discount, manage the integration, and help troubleshoot when needed

Determining to whom you need to issue 1099s, and creating those filings for you (if you pay rent, attorneys, or other service providers as contractors

Checking your annual corporate report (LLC) in your state each year to make sure you’re in good standing

Annual tax package presentation.

Unlimited transactions each month

Higher tier packages & add-ons include:

Monthly 1:1 call with Heather to discuss progress toward goals & numbers-based business strategy

Annual budgeting with month-to-month breakdowns of your spending so you can stay on track

Running payroll for your employees

Accounts receivable (creating invoices)

Accounts payable (paying bills) 

U.S. sales tax tracking and filing (if applicable)

Packages start at $750 per month

All packages start with an onboarding fee of $1500 that includes a comprehensive Numbers Review and Nerd Out Session. VIP clients who wish to add more services are able to do so during onboarding.


Decoding the 

Number Nerd Difference

Here’s what we promise you.


When your bookkeeping systems are streamlined & optimized within the context of your business, you can see its true financial health. If you aren’t sure what all those numbers in your reports mean, we’ll decode them for you. Teach you to be nerdy, if you will.


Since knowledge builds on knowledge, we meet you where you’re at and educate you on how to apply financial data in your business. You, in turn, build skills and confidence that continue to grow as you work with us—and continue to benefit your business.


Years in business—working with specialized industries including legal and tech/SAAS—have given us an insider perspective on online businesses at all stages of growth. This enables us to help you on a deeper level (without breaking confidentiality, duh). 

“I was talking to my CPA not long ago, and he asked, 
‘Where did you find Heather?’ 

He then said: ‘I work with a lot of bookkeepers, 

but Heather is the best.’” 

Autumn | Founder & Attorney, The AWB Firm

Let's do this.

Peace of mind & time to thrive, here we come.




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