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We help driven female founders and CEOs decode their numbers so they can make confident, strategic business decisions.


Nine Questions You Should Ask Your CPA & Bookkeeper

Putting your finances in the hands of an external contractor can be nerve-wracking. Here are five questions to ask to make sure you’re partnering with someone who’s a good match for your business, needs, and values.


If you have a vision for growing your business but you’re still DIYing your bookkeeping …

 … and your reflection in the mirror is the closest thing you have to a trusted business advisor …

… you’re losing time, and probably money, too.

Your financial numbers can be your greatest asset.

You don’t even have to like math. 

Because, once you understand what you’re working with, 

you can make informed decisions about pricing, hiring, and budgeting—
things that will increase your profit margin. 

(Not to mention free up some serious creative bandwidth.)

We’ll manage your books & clear out the mental clutter so you can focus on being the CEO.


Our team will handle your books on the ground & give you the confidence to apply that info at 30,000 feet. 

Knowing your numbers—and how they affect your margins and spending—enables you to make decisions that align with your goals.

We’ll help you…

perfect your books.

make strategic decisions for the health of your business.

win back time while reducing the stress of business ownership.

We serve up your financials with a side of no-B.S. business advice.

It’s not enough to have perfect record-keeping. 
(That’s the baseline.) 

If you’re a CEO who wants to continue growing, 
you need a trusted, bought-in advisor who can help 
guide your financial decisions based on data.

That’s where we come in.


Book Reviews

We start by looking at your finances with a judgment-free magnifying glass to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.


System Needs

Once we understand your current processes, we’ll gradually start making any necessary changes to streamline your systems—all based on our proven, nerdy methods.


Study Hall

We spend 1:1 time each month with our VIP bookkeeping clients, going beyond the numbers, and talking about what your financial health means for your business.


bookkeeping clients served over the past decade


years building a network of legal, HR, finance, tax, and insurance professionals—available to our clients


tiers of bookkeeping services to choose from, so you can get the right fit for your business


bookkeeping emergencies (we help our clients avoid them, for everyone’s sake)

Simplify, simplify, simplify.


The heck outta your financials

Paper ledgers have gone the way of Rolodexes and landlines (if yours hasn’t yet … we can help). There are now tons of options out there for managing your financials, and it can get messy fast. Fortunately, we’ve tried ’em all, and know what works best where.


There are no dumb questions

Our clients often say they don’t know where to start. Good news is, you don’t have to know—that’s our job. We’ll make bookkeeping feel simple, without ever sacrificing detail or nuance.


All Around

Leadership can be a lonely endeavor, but when you work with Number Nerd, you get a team backing you and your business. We’ll write your goals on our own whiteboards and celebrate your wins with you.

We handle the books for high-achieving women CEOs with online businesses, while also serving as trusted advisors.

Our bookkeeping services simplify the numbers for CEOs & founders while supporting them with insight & context as they make smart decisions about budgeting, planning, and other logistical aspects of growing a business.

We also offer templates and courses for bookkeepers and accountants 
who want to use the same systems we’ve found most effective.

Meet the Nerds

Do you get stars in your eyes when talking about what you do? We do, too. Let’s get excited about your business together. 


Work with Number Nerd

Whether you look forward to your monthly wine-and-budget-reconciliation evenings and just need some expert insight, or you can’t wait to hand off those monthly tasks, we have an option for you.


“Heather was really a strategic partner in the business 
in the sense that she was advising us, being like,

‘Hey, here’s what we need to be thinking about, 
I noticed this, we need to be thinking about this.’

She was a strategic force in the business 
that helped us be successful.”

Cliff | Cofounder, ClockShark


How to Calculate Your Hourly Rate

Knowing how much time you spend on certain tasks, as well as your overhead cost, is the starting block for paying yourself appropriately. If you haven’t run the numbers yet, we’ll show you how with this straightforward worksheet.