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It’s common to be unsure about your processes when you’re striking out on your own—what processes do you need, how detailed do they need to be, and how can you use them for maximum efficiency? The Template Lab will provide both the learning and the tools that solopreneurs and bookkeepers can use to make their operations as efficient as possible, creating more time for client work or personal time… whatever matters most to you! We will do this 1-process at a time! This will be done by using done for you template swipe files.


Are you getting leads, but don’t have the capacity to take them on? New clients can actually be daunting if you don’t have your onboarding systems and processes nailed down yet. The Template Lab helps with these and many more—freeing up your time to sign on new clients and make more money with ease. 


A lot of bookkeepers get so busy working with clients that they think they don’t have time to work on growing their business. The Template Lab will show how to make your business more efficient and bring it to the next level, and give you the confidence to do so by building skills at a pace that you can keep up with.


Questionnaires and onboarding roadmaps that start out every prospect and client interaction on the right foot.


I’m giving you templates and guiding you through the set-up of the processes that I utilize within Number Nerd Bookkeeping to keep my clients happy and my business growing. 

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Too many business owners today fly by the seat of their pants, using mental workflows that simply don’t get the job done because they get interrupted mid-task, forget a step or have to backtrack to check work they’ve already finished (or have they?). To-do lists that keep you on track and productive, even when your day gets hijacked by so-called emergencies.

No. 01

Build Your Business

By increasing your systems, processes, and knowledge, you’ll be able to attract more and better clients. Instead of spending your time on busywork, you will be more efficient on client work, and have time to develop more effective services and packages.

No. 02

Get Your Time Back

Having streamlined processes and workflows means you have more time to do what you love—whether that’s taking on more clients or having more time for your family and personal life.

No. 03

Gain Clarity + Confidence

Understanding your time, service offerings, and your back-end systems means you’ll have the power and the confidence to nail the pitch when talking to new leads. Plus, get support from someone who’s grown her business to six figures and will help guide you along the same path!

The Template Lab Promises

The course was created just for you, the busy accounting and bookkeeping professional who is ready to get serious about managing their workload so they can scale their business and grow their bottom line.

I take what seems like an impossible situation and give you a doable timeline with actionable tasks, processes and swipe files to get your back-end system set up and give you space at an affordable price, and in an efficient and organized way. I teach you the exact systems and processes that helped me get Number Nerd to the six-figure business it is today. You are getting a done-for-you system. In each module, I review template swipe files and teach you how to customize them to your business.

The NumberNerd Template Lab is a course for solopreneur bookkeepers + CPAs

Thank you so much for instilling in me that I’m worth it, and to say, ‘Now, not my client,’ if they don’t pay my rates.”

“Thanks, you coached me to charge a halfway decent rate. 


Ready to Grow Without Hustling 24/7?

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Actionable items on customizing each template as needed for your business so that the new workflow is set up for immediate time savings and business growth.

What You Get Inside The Template Lab

Foundational Training that includes a detailed inventory of your current systems, tools, and time, so that you can make the most out of the monthly content when you first join.

Template swipe files that you can customize for your own business so that you can improve your workflows and gain back your time.

A video tutorial explaining each workflow template and how you will be able to easily apply + customize it to your business.

And most importantly, a happier-you!

...allowing me to streamline my workflow and add a new team member with ease. The workflow templates have given my business a process to follow and helped us to keep all client balls in the air without the fear of one dropping. The admin templates gives us our time back with a simple process for onboarding new clients and following up once the project is complete. I highly recommend Heather and Number Nerd workflows.”

“Number Nerd Bookkeeping Solutions workflow templates have given order to my business

Michelle Mitchell | Owner, MITCHELL CONSULTING

Take a Look Inside The Template Lab


You’ll kick off the course with an intro module to get you set up for success. Remember that when you’re investing in yourself, you need to make time for it. Your mindset needs to be in the right place. Think about how you’ll reward yourself and put accountability into your schedule. Make time, commit and move forward.

Module 0


You will take inventory of what you have been doing up to today (what your business looks like right now). We will dive into what tools you are using to manage things, and how much time things are taking so you can narrow in on what needs to change. 

It’s hard to measure and work towards improvement if you don’t have an understanding of what you are improving from!

Module 1

Lead Flow

In this module, I’m sharing the roadmap and workflow to start out every prospect and potential client on the right foot.

We will be setting up your prospect questionnaire + lead response email, prepping leads + nailing your discovery call, and lead follow-up.

Module 2


We are creating an efficient, organized, and seamless onboarding process for your clients.

We will be setting up a new client onboarding workflow, new client folder organization, set-up of your new client to-do list, and templates to request testimonials.

There are also two bonus lessons in this module:

  • Email template for how to add accountant users to QBO
  • Email templates for Hubdoc set-up + client how-to emails

Module 3


Eliminate backtracking so you can efficiently and effectively manage all of your clients’ weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping processes.

We are going to talk about the different services that you offer and we’re going to create workflows for each of those services.

When we can get all of the client tasks that you do out of your head and into system workflows and set them up in a software program, you will be more streamlined and optimized. It’s going to give you back time and it’s also going to make you more money because you’re being more efficient.

We will be setting up: Weekly + Monthly Bookkeeping Workflows, Quarterly + Annual Bookkeeping Workflows, How To Manage These In Your Project Management Software, and a bonus on Payroll Workflows.

Module 4

CEO and Admin

We are taking care of the admin side of the business and what needs to be done to work ON the business, not just IN the business. We will be covering daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to help keep your business running smoothly.

Module 5

Lead Gen

We are ensuring you have a system for following up with the main sources of leads. We will be covering: referral lead generating, setting up emails, leveraging networking events for additional leads and the email set-ups associated with that.

Module 6

Wrap-Up and Celebration

In this module, we answer the exact things you need to do on a regular basis in order to maintain the progress and momentum you’ve built through the previous 6 modules. Plus explain how often to revisit these systems, how to test and tweak.

Module 7

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aka your guide in building a 6-figure bookkeeping or CPA business that doesn't require you to hustle 24/7!

Hi I’m, Heather

I created the Template Lab because I’ve been through it all before and know the struggles that bookkeepers (especially solopreneurs) face when trying to do it all at the same time! 

I built my own systems bit by bit and learned a lot along the way, eventually growing my business to six figures. I built these exact systems and processes while working a full-time job and doing Number Nerd on the side. It allowed me to go from 3-12 clients and then 6-months later leave my full-time job to run Number Nerd full-time. 

It’s my mission to help solopreneurs have a different perspective when it comes to building their business—and not make some of the mistakes I did. If you set your business up the right way from the beginning, it eliminates frustration and confusion. You have your time back and it allows you to really enjoy doing what you love.

Yes~ BUT the Number Nerd Template Lab (NNTL) is much more than just a template download.

In NNTL I guide you through the set-up of the templates PLUS provide you more context and tips I’ve learned from running my bookkeeping business for 8 years. 

Can I just buy the templates separately in the shop?

This course is at your own-pace. I recommend aiming for one module every month [about 6 months worth of modules]. This allows adequate time to implement the systems you are learning.

You have life-time access to the course materials.

How long does the NumberNerd Template Lab take to complete?

This is the very first thing I teach you in the baseline training… yes, you do have time! It’s all about working more efficiently, developing systems and processes that free up your time to do what you love. Plus, I’ve specifically designed the Template Lab to go at a pace that busy solopreneurs can incorporate into their already busy schedule. Plus, that’s what the template swipe files are for!

What if I don't have time for any extra work right now?

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Ready to Grow Without Hustling 24/7?

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