We’ll be your wall-to-bounce-ideas-off along the way.

Spend wisely. Budget tactfully.

Set up your finances to support your vision.

At Number Nerd Bookkeeping, we help female business owners make sense of their finances so they can feel more confident & free in their business.

But lots of businesses overcomplicate their numbers, which leads to overwhelm and poorly kept books. We know you need straightforward instructions and advice, as well as someone you can trust to hand your books to. 

Here’s how we provide that, as an online bookkeeping service: we start with a review of your finances, understanding where you are and where you want to go. We continue building trust with you as we take your monthly bookkeeping tasks off your plate. Then we help you implement systems and software that streamline your processes. Finally, we provide insight and advising to help you reach your revenue goals. All this frees up your time to do what you do best.

We believe numbers can be simple, strategic, and fun. 

Meet Your Nerds


Chief Number Nerd

Heather Pranitis

Heather, the original Number Nerd, serves as a trusted business advisor to her clients. Her attention to detail allows her clients to sleep soundly, while her straight-talk business strategy and systems savvy help clients scale to the next level. Her client roster has included mobile time tracking company ClockShark, which sold for $98 million in 2021, and email CRM provider Flodesk, as well as dozens of other small businesses—many of whom have been with her since the start of Number Nerd. 


Back in 2014, Heather was taking client calls in the parking garage at her day job. Two years later, she was running Number Nerd full-time. Her experience gives her compassion and sharp insight into small businesses at every stage. Heather holds a degree in psychology with minors in accounting and ethics—a combo that helps her understand her clients’ goals, motivations, and learning styles on a deeper level. She also hates calculus, but luckily there’s not so much of that in bookkeeping & accounting. So if she can master your business’s numbers, you can, too.

A Chicago native and Arizona transplant, Heather enjoys traveling with her boyfriend of 12 years, Scott, chasing around their Miniature American Shepherd trio of Jax, Moose, and Dink, reading whatever she can get her hands on, and perfecting her skincare routine.



Dana Pavlicek

Dana, a Number Nerd since 2020, brings a sense of calm and patience to the team. With a savvy for deep focus and detail, she takes over clients’ bookkeeping tasks once they’ve been onboarded. 

With more than 25 years working in a dental office, including 15 years managing the entire office, Dana started getting nerdy when she took over the dental practice’s bookkeeping responsibilities. When she told Heather she was ready for a change, Heather invited her to join Number Nerd. She’s since impressed clients with her easy-to-understand, concrete explanations; her diligent bookkeeping skills; and her ability to crack a joke during just about any meeting.


Dana has been one of Heather’s wingwomen for the past 34 years—with birthdays two weeks apart (hey-o, fellow Leos!), they also went to high school together. The yin to Heather’s yang, Dana’s the one who will wear all black while getting her adrenaline fix at a demolition derby.

When Dana’s not crunching numbers or helping out her friends, you can find her hiking with her kids and grandkids alongside Oregon’s gorgeous waterfalls, cheering for the Ducks with her husband, and glancing up from her reading to enjoy some reality TV.


Trusted By:

“It’s just like when your house is cluttered. Things get brushed aside, you can’t focus. That’s like the mental clutter of feeling behind. You just feel like you have so much, but you can’t focus.

Number Nerd Bookkeeping cleared the clutter for me.

Kelsey | Owner, Miss Kelsey’s Dance Studio

It definitely opened up the space for other things.

When it comes to analyzing your money, 
trust is paramount.


We help business owners understand their numbers, which helps them 
feel empowered as they make decisions throughout their business.


We compassionately tell it like it is … that’s what trusted advisors do.


We handle money with integrity, no matter what. 


We figure out what’s working, what isn’t, and why. Only then do we make recommendations and changes. 


When we’re working for our clients, we give them our all—we’re in the thick of it right beside them. 


Do our values align? 


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