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NumberNerd JumpStart Session 

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NumberNerd JumpStart Session

In this 90-minute, 1:1 session with NumberNerd maven Heather, will provide expert advice on specific business challenges you’re facing— from tackling workflows to pricing to general guidance.

During our time together we’ll discuss how to organize and run and streamline the processes in your business for efficiency and to get you to recover your TIME. This allows you to scale and remain a business of one because you’re more productive due to the organization and streamline approach.

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JumpStart Sessions are $497

How It Works

We start by reviewing your lead process as a whole, the programs you use in your business, how you setup + send out quotes + contracts. We also review your pricing structure to make sure you’re set up for success when it comes to reaching your revenue goals and aren’t undercharging. 

What You'll Get

One-on-one, personalized advice:

This 90-minute session is all about you—whether you have a specific problem to solve or need broader advice on your business, Heather will assess your current situation and provide personalized advice.

Business operations assessment

During the call, Heather will provide a clear assessment of your current systems and processes, where you might be missing things, and what improvements you can make. 

Action step report

Following the call, you’ll receive your personalized action step report on what to do next to make your business + workflows more efficient and effective. 

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