How To Borrow From Other Business Owners

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How To Borrow From Other Business Owners


Heather Pranitis

How To Borrow From Other Business Owners

Every expert starts somewhere. Whether it’s the doctor who first practiced on her dolls as a child or the barista who started out on his play kitchen, there’s always a first step in any passion or career.

The same goes for us in the bookkeeping and accounting industry. Some of us went to school to get a degree or certification in the field while others relied on our on-the-job training and research skills. However you got started, you learned it from somewhere.

I’ll bet money that everyone had a mentor, someone who had been there and done that to help show them the ropes in the early years. If you’re dedicated to growth over the life of your business, you’re still learning from someone–even a decade or more later.

There’s no shame in using someone else’s lessons to help you avoid costly mistakes in your own business. Case in point: Using someone else’s processes and systems to make the next stage in your business that much easier.

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I’m not suggesting that you stalk and steal from another accountant or bookkeeper. Quite the opposite. What I am suggesting is that you find the experts who you respect and find ways to work with (or for) them.

In addition to my 20 years of bookkeeping training, I learned the craft of business ownership from a dedicated mentor who I took a class from. Since then, I’ve always had another industry professional in my back pocket to bounce ideas off of and to turn to when I had questions. Candidly, I still do.

The proverb, two brains are better than one, couldn’t be more true. It’s because of my connections and mentors in my industry that I’m where I’m at right now in my business.

Sure, I believe that we need to stay in our own lanes and make sure that we’re doing our own thing in business. But that doesn’t mean we can’t (or shouldn’t) consult Google Maps to help us along the way.

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That’s why I developed the Business Workflow Template Shop. Because I’ve learned so much and want to pass that information along to other business owners and industry professionals. We need to support one another as we grow our businesses and help out where we can.

Are you ready to get your workflows and systems in order? The Template Shop is exactly what you need to do just that–and it’s all ready for you! Check it out today!


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