How to Make Turnkey Systems Your Own

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How to Make Turnkey Systems Your Own


Heather Pranitis

How to Make Turnkey Systems Your Own

Solid turnkey systems are SO crucial for business owners. And adapting them properly to meet your needs is the key to streamlining, creating efficiencies, and gaining back your time. I love these kinds of systems so much, so I knew I needed to do a post on them. 

In this one, I’m going over what these gem systems are, why they’re so essential to use and how to make them your own. Let’s not waste time; let’s get into it! 

Turnkey Systems…Here’s The Down-Low

Plain and simple, turnkey systems are ready to go. You can use them as-is. 

Turnkey systems are for busy entrepreneurs or solopreneurs that need to simplify things, get organized, or are frustrated that the systems they have in place now just aren’t working. 

The advantage with these is that you get a system that someone else has taken the time to create, and they know that it works. It’s also an opportunity for you to use a turnkey system as a starting point and integrate your existing systems into it to make it your own. 

Two worlds collide to create something that gives you exactly what you need! It is a win-win in my book.

For example, when it comes to onboarding or sales and marketing, I might do things one way, and someone else may look at my systems, have an ah-ha moment where they realize they hadn’t considered a process that I do. And vice versa! 

Turnkey systems give you a different perspective on how to run your business more efficiently. 

So Why Take The Time To Make A Turnkey System Your Own?

The truth is, there are limitations to turnkey systems because not every system is going to give you 100% of what you need. We all know there is no one-size-fits-all for onboarding, sales, and marketing or admin tasks. 

But for most of us, the foundation of our processes are similar, and these tried-and-true systems that others have built may just help you avoid making a mistake or missing steps along the way to making a customized system that works seamlessly in your business. 

You’re taking someone else’s systems, processes, and workflows, leveraging the work they have already done so you don’t have to, then making it all your own. When you put a turnkey system in place, it is a starting point for you to get back time, take on more clients and grow.  

Soooo…How Do You Make A Turnkey System Your Own?

First of all…look at it. See what needs this system, process, or template serves and helps you improve your operations.

Second, ask yourself some questions like…

  • Does this solve a problem or fulfill a need that I have?
  • Am I doing any of these processes already?
  • If not, then why? 
  • What in this process applies to my business and what does not? Even think of one-off tasks with this one. Say just one of your clients uses a different payment system than all the rest—that needs to added into your processes.  

Third, go in and add the missing steps that relate to your business that you know need to be integrated. 

Pro tip: talk out loud as you’re going through the work and even record yourself! Being able to hear your thoughts out loud and even go back to them is SO helpful! 

Okay, now for the fourth step. When you’re going through a new system or template, make sure to base it on a complex client. Don’t default to an easy-peasy client where you might end up missing a step that will benefit you later on. 

Finally, your fifth and ongoing step is to refine it over time. Remember that making templates, systems, and processes your own is a process. You’re not going to do this in a day. 

Why it Matters

Ultimately, when you’re buying a template or system, you’re going to make a master process from it. After you have the master ready to go and where you need it to be, you can copy and customize it quickly for each project or client.

Using templates gives you back time, makes your clients’ experiences better, and organizes your business. That’s why you want turnkey systems and make them your own. 

Not having efficient systems in place hinders your ability to grow your business. Whether it’s systems that make your onboarding easier, streamline your sales and marketing or put admin tasks on autopilot…when you don’t have good processes in place, there is chaos and no organization.

You can’t afford not to do it. It is so worth the investment of time and money. 

To help you implement your own turnkey systems, I want to introduce you to the Number Nerd Template Lab…where all the process guesswork has been done for you. These are my tried-and-true systems. When you join the lab, you’ll…

  • Get access to all the templates and systems you need to improve your processes
  • Learn how to maximize those templates and systems
  • Understand how to modify them to suit your business so you can make them your own  

If you want your business to benefit from my templates and systems, then join me in the lab. Leverage all the systems I have spent years developing and grow your business!


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