Automate Payroll with Gusto Payroll

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Automate Payroll with Gusto Payroll


Heather Pranitis

Automate Payroll with Gusto Payroll

Payroll is known for being tricky. Between taxes, PTO, 401K contributions, benefits, reimbursements, and 529 plans, there are a LOT of things to track and manage!

I have used a variety of payroll systems to manage payroll (and everything associated with it), but nothing compares to Gusto Payroll. Gusto automates the parts of payroll that typically a manual process. The automation removes so many steps from the typical payroll process that I have even used the Gusto app to run payroll from my phone! By automating this payroll, Gusto ensures more accurate payroll processing.

Since I include Gusto payroll with my payroll package, today’s Technical Tuesday will focus on the top reasons I absolutely love this product.

Top 10 Reasons I Love Gusto Payroll:

1. It is easy to use. I am very particular about using applications that have an intuitive, clean interface and Gusto passes the test! Gusto is very easy to use, has an amazing support team and even sends periodic emails with useful application tools and tips.

2. Predictable monthly billing. Gusto clients have a flat monthly fee of $39 plus a minimal additional user fee of $6 per employee. When I sign up a new company or employee, I am able to tell my clients the exact cost for the entire year, which includes quarterly and year-end filings.

3. It works for anyone you need to pay. Some payrolls systems only manage W-2 employees. With Gusto, you can pay and manage your W-2 employees and your contractors within the same easy to use application. At the end of the year, Gusto will prepare the W-2 and 1099 forms needed for each of your employees and contractors.

4. An amazing end-user experience. Gusto is so easy to use that most employees and contractors can complete the onboarding by themselves. The self-serve model continues as employees can then request vacation or PTO directly within the app. Gusto periodically sends emails with useful tips so users can optimize the use of the product.

5. Auto-pilot payroll. Gusto can run payroll automatically for hourly or salary employees with set wages.

6. Reminder emails. Periodic reminder emails notify admin users of upcoming payroll due dates, administrative tasks, and outstanding quarterly or year-end reports that need to be reviewed.

7. It manages everything associated with payroll within one app. Gusto tracks any and everything related to payroll. Taxes, PTO, 401K plans, 529 plans, reimbursable expenses, workers comp, benefits and time can all be tracked within a simple user interface. Users can log into their portal at any time to check the status of their accounts. As an added bonus, Gusto allows workers comp to be paid per period (vs. the typical monthly payment option).

8. Gusto handles tax statements. Gusto prepares your quarterly and yearly payroll paperwork – at no additional charge. I love knowing that these critical pieces are handled accurately and on time!

9. Complete integration with accounting. Gusto integrates and syncs the payroll entries with QuickBooks Online and Xero so that there is no double-data entry.

10. Fully functional mobile app. Both end-users and payroll administrators can benefit from Gusto’s fully functional (and amazing) mobile app. I can add a new employee, review and approve a new employee, and, if needed, run payroll on my phone. And, yes, I have done this! It’s absolutely seamless!

Gusto is by far the most complete system that I’ve tried. Contact me if you’d like to learn more about Gusto or if you’d like to see how I can help you automate your payroll process with this amazing tool!


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