Are You Afraid of Your Numbers? How To Create Financial Confidence

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Are You Afraid of Your Numbers? How To Create Financial Confidence


Heather Pranitis

Are You Afraid of Your Numbers? How To Create Financial Confidence

I think it’s pretty common for people to be afraid of their numbers – in fact I know it is. When I say afraid it can be several different things – trust me, I’ve heard it all from my clients, so whatever is stressing you, you’re not alone in feeling like that. You NEED financial confidence.

But it’s possible to overcome those fears and create financial confidence so you’re making empowered money choices! That’s what this post is all about, so read on. 

Let’s Talk Fears and Creating Financial Confidence

We’ve all had that “Oh crap” feeling when we maybe haven’t made the best financial choice, either in our personal life or in our businesses…which is followed by those dreaded feelings of embarrassment, shame, guilt…all of it. Or we have put off getting things organized and by the time we get around to doing it, things have turned into a mess and the idea of trying to get back on track feels about as easy as getting blood from a stone. 

That’s what I mean when I talk about fears. 

It’s okay to feel scared, but like the fear of a monster under our bed that we have when we’re five…we can get over them! That’s what this blog post is all about – helping you tackle your fears and figure out where they come from, so you create financial confidence. Once you get that confidence, your business is going to run so much smoother.

You don’t know what you don’t know 

What that means is that when you don’t have the confidence to get that super clear overview of all your numbers, you’re being held back from up-levelling your business, pricing yourself so you’re getting paid and doing all of the things that you really WANT to do. 

I work with clients to help them better understand the whole picture of their numbers so they can move their businesses to the next level – whatever that is. And getting over your fear of numbers is easier than you might think!

In February, I’m running a 5-day challenge that helps entrepreneurs get clarity on what aspect of their numbers they need to focus on and how to get organized to do so in less than a week. 

Now Let’s Talk About Overcoming Those Fears Using Financial Confidence

Your first step is to give yourself some time and room to really go through your numbers. You don’t have to learn it all tonight. It won’t take forever but it does take time to really build that foundation of knowledge. 

Oftentimes when I talk to business owners about why they’re having issues with their numbers, the first thing that I notice is that they’re not looking at the whole picture. I know I keep coming back to this idea of getting the whole picture, but it’s true. You wouldn’t start reading a book halfway through and expect to understand it entirely by the end – same deal for your numbers. 

Gotta know ’em all to make informed choices, price yourself correctly and have confidence that you are making empowered financial choices. 

Knowledge = awareness = confidence, plain and simple. 

Step 2…check out your mindset. Now I want to encourage you to take a deep dive and start by examining your mindset. Do you think first about the money you’re making or the money you’re spending when you think about finances? 

Step 3…you’re going to start looking at those numbers, breaking them down into bite-sized manageable chunks like your revenue, expenses and even your time – so that you can get a solid handle on what’s really going on. 

When I have my clients go through this thoughtful process of really taking time to understand their numbers, I watch their fears disappear and their business confidence increase incredibly. 

And as your final step, I want to just remind you to be patient with yourself. It takes some people longer to build their financial confidence, but don’t give up! Face the fear, schedule consistent time, and just start reviewing your numbers. As your awareness and confidence grow, your fears will slip away – like taking the training wheels off a bike. 

Clarity Kickstart To A Financial Fresh Start Challenge

I know this is a lot, and you might be feeling a bit bogged down or in the weeds when it comes to your numbers. I get it. 

So I want to lend a hand when it comes to giving you some help with my Clarity Kickstart To a Financial Fresh Start challenge that I mentioned earlier so we can get you going. It’ll be opening soon, so you’ve got some time to get excited and pumped for it.

The challenge will help you…

  • Get organized so you feel in charge of your bookkeeping (and not the other way around)
  • Get clear on expenses and pricing so you can figure out how much money you’re actually making
  • Analyze your finances so you can make well-informed business decisions to take it to the next level 

So that’s it all I’ve got for you today….I’ll let you soak that in. I hope you found it helpful and I can’t wait to see you in the challenge!Sign up here!


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